The most modern, advanced shooting range in Lubbock


43,000 sq. ft Modern indoor shooting range located in Lubbock.

A comfortable and inviting lounge area.

Conditioned air ventilation system for year-round comfort, cool in the summer, warm in the winter! 

Advanced air filtration system for safe and clean shooting environment.

20 shooting lanes, up to 25 yards

Computerized target retrieval, with the option of up to 30 pre-programmed shooting scenarios.

This is not your average gun range, please come visit us to see what it is all about.






Firearm rentals-try before you buy!

Class 3 dealer

Friendly and knowledgeable staff

Open to the Public

Safe and secure indoor shooting range

All ranges monitored by a certified

RSO-Range Safety Officer

All Lanes monitored by Security Cameras

Training classes and private training available

Corporate, Family and Individual Memberships

Snack area

Complimentary WIFI

Watch shooters from the comfort of our lounge area

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